DOESN'T THIS KIND OF LOOK LIKE A WEBSITE YOU ALLREADY KNOW HOW TO USE?! There is almost everything that you would want to look at and you just click on itand you are there and then you go back. That's it. If it doesn't seem fun right awy stop reading this and start clicking on the BLUE PARTS. The rest is a rainbow of explanations and thoughts. This part here is just part of that rainbow. It seems like there should be a somewhat long introduction paragraph here, to provide a substantial looking thing at the top of the page...seriously, stop reading this and start clicking. Maybe you want to check out the books and things for sale. Maybe you want to find out more about this person. I hope this website helps and is not a huge disappointment. I hope that there is something cool about your little visit here.
!!! new album art for !!! Check out the gatefold.
2200 AD (Luxury planet escape pod)This is the new POSTER! Check it out!
A Portion of a Story with a Political MessageI am really psyched about this kind of story-telling. This is a good way to 'get to know my work' if you've never seen anything. Check it out!
AI AIThis is a real thing. Worth checking out. Madagascar has the sweetest dudes. There is also a moth with a 12" tongue! (predicted to exist by Darwin)
Animal Facts real animal facts (and other things
Art Interview straight to the words. This was done for a show curated by my good friend Joe Hart in 2005.
BIOthe bio...for those who would be interested (this is about shows and books and accomplishments...6 shows, 5 books, 1 accomplishment)
Blog hardly...I think you'll be disappointed. (I sort of disappoint myself with my lackluster blogging attitude) Skip this one...
Books Yeah Man! That's kind of what this is all about. Books! That's where most of it all is!
Book of Covers I mean, maybe this is good way to see how I am thinking. Keep clicking through this cause it doesnt go that far. It was a little idea. But thats what I mean. It's all about little ideas!
Changing World Is this depressing? I think the science of evolution is so interesting. I suppose its a little depressing...(Darwin's wife was depressed)
Computer Interview This is just a chance to talk about anything I might like the computer to ask me.
Eliot Porter Really kind of a tribute to a nice little set of sentences I wanted to pay attention to. Like a poem embroidery in a country kitchen.
Email I am never annoyed by emails. Send them along. Its a cool thing. How lucky we are to be able to use "emails"...
Fading away...what is good about a drawing like this? It is quick, like a spoken sentence.
Face This is only half of this. An early watercolor effort.( Click at the bottom to get to the text...I think)
Fantastic Vision I have a special place in my heart for this. The man looks like I remember my dad looking.
Final Landscape This one is ok, but not great at all. It is old and kind of without a message. I don't think I ever used it for anything anywhere else.
Good News Hmm...its been a while. I don't know about this drawing. I've been fiddling with it and I think I've figured something out.
Great Horned Bear this is how imagination works. (the freedom to accept) accidents
Home PageI think this is THIS page. Is this even cool?
Horses this one I lke more. Just simple and ...dare I say, funny....
Horse and RIDER new and loose. what do you think?
How Simple how cool you allready get it
InformationThis is kind of a homepage for more writing. Interview and bio and art babble.
In LA I was in LA working. I guess I was sort of in the showbiz world , or at least I was meeting people like this. Just broken and waiting for their break. (nice line right?)
It is not Ending This one is kind of about love. This should be fine right? Love.
Language Change This is the first book I really distributed at all. I really like it still. Check it out!
LaPanaderia A book about the Mexico city gallery includes our 2002 show.
Links try out some links!
Mudboy Mudboy! This is my friend Rafe from Providence. I did a poster for him and now you can link to his website. check out MUDMOM!
Moon dance Not at all great. I should take it down. It is in themes in B and W and this is in color so...if that's interesting...
NEW CHARACTERS I am thinking of doing another book in the same format as the Language Change. These are some of the new characters...
No GuaranteeAnother kind of quick watercolor. This is funny in a deeply depressing way if you know what I mean. One of those where the wiser bird tells a younger bird the straight truth. So straight it is terrible. It is kind of an easy joke if you know what I mean.
Our Injury I think I was remembering little Struggs. But this really is a story we love and see again and again. Struggs was pretty amazing.
Painful LifeI sold this one to a friend in LA. I think it has a good home.The first man is saying something I heard on the radio. The answer is mine.
Pattern this was for Justin Lowe's show at Printed Matter. It is from the pattern on Neil Youngs album, On The Beach
Press dazed and confused and fader
Projects on the Horizon Follow for a couple of clicks to see projects that are on the distant horizon.
Robocop Kraus new album cover AND GERMAN INTERVIEW
Satelite Radio Just finished this. Am trying to get loose. See what happens when I get super loose. Draw loose. Think loose.
Slothwalker Animation! This is one of my first new animation attempts! Check it out!
Statement Its a statement about art.
Steve Stanley and the Natural Man I have these characters. Like they could be regulars in weekly paper. Here they are together.
Strange Oh! This is the bottom of "face"

Straight to the Language Change pagesSkip the cover...I guess. If you are really that eager.

Swirl It is only a swirl
Themes of the Day Introduction should be able to kind of cruise through the first few pages here. Give you a feel for the book.
Themes Last Page Why would I have a link straight to this? I don't know. It is a cool page. Kind of tells its own story.
Theoretical I like this one. This is a quick atercolor that really succeeded. Funny again. I guess I like funny.
Umbrella Review this is a review. Its pretty good. Its descriptive.