COMPU MACHINE: Who are you and why do you consider yourself important?

Kevin Hooyman: I have to answer these questions for myself in my normal life-duties so I sort of know what you mean. I think that I have developed a theory of purpose for myself and am able to live a life in which I believe. That is really a tough first question.

COMPU MACHINE: What is your theory of purpose?

Kevin Hooyman: Well it was hard to come up with. I am never quite sure whether to wholy believe it but, in a way, you sort of have to. I mean, I have to decide how I can survive and how I will cope with this decision so...I mean once I believed I was an artist, I started to ask what the purpose of the artist could possibly be. I have a certain amout of faith in reason and logic so, you know, I am a man of science and, well, the science of humanity is anthropology and there are reasons throughout the history of my species we will call them now, artists. There are messages to deliver that might help us all and it has always been the job of the artist to say these things. To help people. To help people cope and to convince them that love is always the impulse to follow. In the struggle between our selfishness and our caring for others, we should always create propaganda to convince the world that love is the better way. We may be reaching a point in history when we will have to decide this once and for all. We may not have another chance. We are territorial and our territory is very populated. So we should choose love now and reach out to help eachother...we need to work together.

COMPU MACHINE: Compu-calculations show that you have no chance. Your species has had its chance and you all have been seduced by selfishness time and time again. The odds are overwhelming.

Kevin Hooyman: Should I just give up? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Give up? I was just telling you that I have to find a reason to believe that my life is important. It is part of what I need to live. I have explained my reason.

COMPU MACHINE: Reason accepted. Life understood.